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Two Magnolia men killed in truck accident

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

There may be those rare times where different forms of liability may come into play in a single case in San Antonio. An example may be where one is killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing functions related to his or her job. While most would describe what happened in a situation as this as being a car accident, one career-related connection to the crash cannot be overlooked (this making it a workers’ compensation case). Accident victims and their families may care little about who is ultimately responsible to cover the costs. Yet understanding which benefit provider would be primary in a complex case such as this may end up saving one from having to endure a good deal of stress and aggravation.

Such stress and aggravation may currently be the last things on the minds of two families from Magnolia who recently lost loved ones in a truck accident in Arkansas. The two men were driving in their own semi-truck when another traveling from the opposite direction entered into their lane and struck them head-on. The driver of the other semi-truck was also killed in the crash. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the trucker to enter into the opposite lane.

In a case such as this, both the auto insurance carriers of the drivers involved and their workers’ compensation providers may argue over who has the responsibility to pay. Liability might also be assigned to the employer of the trucker who caused the accident if the man was on the clock when the accident occurred. This proves the complexity that can be involved in cases such as this. Those dealing with them may want to seek clarification from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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