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Odessa collision leaves one dead, two injured

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When people in San Antonio hear that action is being taken against one who caused a car accident, it may be easy to assume that those bringing such action are simply doing so out of a sense of vindictiveness. The thought may be that no legal action can reverse what is done, so why would people even pursue it? Yet in reality, the plaintiffs in personal injury cases (in which car accidents are included) are typically not trying to punish those that caused their accidents. Rather, they may need the compensation that can come from such action to handle the losses that they suffered.

Often those losses are catastrophic. Take the case of a recent car crash that occurred in Odessa. A pickup carrying two young men through an intersection was violently struck by another vehicle after the driver of the truck drove a stop sign. Investigators are still trying to determine what might have prompted the other truck driver to operate his vehicle in such a reckless manner, yet thus far no conclusions have been made. Complicating the investigation is that fact that the driver of that vehicle is currently in the hospital battling life-threatening injuries sustained in the crash. Sadly, the driver of the other truck was killed, while his passenger also sustained injuries.

This case illustrates why accident victims and/or their families may need to seek compensation. When a loved one is lost unexpectedly, their family may need assistance filling the financial void they left behind. When one sustains injuries, they may need additional funds to help cover their medical costs. In either case, securing compensation through civil action may be much easier if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney to rely on.