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How can I avoid altercations on the road?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Road rage is the scourge of Texas drivers, especially in high-pressure situations. Even if you try your best to keep a calm demeanor behind the wheel, you might still run into an aggressive driver with a bone to pick. In this case, taking steps to diffuse the situation is a must. Esurance explains what you can do if you encounter an aggressive driver. 

Keeping distance between you and other vehicles prevents rear-end accidents. It also gives you some space should an aggressive driver get too close. This often occurs when a motorist wants to go faster than you’re currently going. If you can’t change lanes, use your signal to indicate that you’ll do so as soon as the lane is clear. Once in the clear, refrain from making eye contact with the driver. People prone to road rage may take this as a challenge, which only inflames tension even further. 

In the same token, use your horn sparingly. Remember, honking is intended to call attention to a potential situation or road hazard, not to scold another driver for a perceived slight. Even when a driver is being aggressive towards you, responding in kind will only make the situation worse. Try to remain calm and don’t egg the other motorist on through your actions or gestures.

There may be a situation where the other driver takes it too far. In this case, call the police immediately. This is especially important if you’re involved in an accident or fear for your personal safety. If you’re extremely concerned, stay in your vehicle until the police arrive. No on-the-road altercation is worth being harmed over.