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What are the dangers of drowsy driving?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Truckers in Texas usually log long hours on the road. While regulations are in place mandating how much rest truckers should get between hauls, many companies and even truckers themselves fail to follow safe practices. This leads to drowsy driving, which is a real concern among all motorists according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some motorists have a higher risk of fatigued driving than others. This includes truckers and other commercial drivers, such as those who drive buses for a living. People who work night shifts are also more likely to drive while tired, as are people with sleep disorders or those on certain medications. Keep in mind that any driver can fall victim to drowsy driving when lacking the proper amount of rest each night. The consequences of this seemingly minor issue can be quite severe, as some estimate that up to 6,000 motor vehicle fatalities occurring each year could involve drowsy driving.

Fatigued driving is not without its warning signs, and it’s up to each motorist to be able to identify them. Frequent yawning, lane shifting, and missed exits often occur when a driver is on the verge of falling asleep behind the wheel. While some drivers believe that turning on the radio or opening a window for a blast of cold air are good remedies for tiredness, the only thing that can prevent an accident is pulling over to rest.

There are also steps motorists can take to prevent drowsiness before it even occurs. Getting at least seven hours of sleep each night is crucial, especially before setting off on a long journey as most truckers do on a regular basis. Medication usage behind the wheel must be approached cautiously, as many medicines actually contribute to drowsiness. Drinking while driving should always be avoided, especially by those driving large commercial vehicles with a greater propensity to cause damage and loss of life.