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Texas workers’ compensation benefits for injured employees

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers who suffer injuries don’t need to have to worry about how they’re going to pay the bills related to that accident. They also shouldn’t have to worry about how they’ll be able to cover the normal expenses if they’re unable to return to work right away.

Employers in Texas are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage at their expense so that workers who do suffer injuries can count on the benefits the coverage offers. For most employees, there are two primary types of benefits they’ll need if they suffer an on-the-job injury.

They will likely need their medical bills paid. Workers’ compensation will cover any medical care that’s deemed necessary and reasonable as long as it’s connected to the injury. Typically, you’ll need to receive care from a provider who is in the approved network. There are exceptions to this but you should verify that you’re covered if you do have to seek care out of the network.

The other benefit that workers can count on is the wage replacement benefit. There are a few different options that fall under this category, so the workers’ compensation benefit letter will let you know what to expect.

Workers’ compensation will also cover burial and death benefits if a worker suffers a fatal injury. These benefits would go to the next-of-kin of the worker.

If you don’t receive the benefits you feel you should get for your on-the-job injury, you have the option of appealing. This must be handled carefully and within a certain amount of time. Working with an attorney who’s familiar with these cases can help you as you handle this.