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How long do you have to report a workplace injury in Texas?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you get injured on the job, your second priority — right after getting proper medical care for your injuries — is to officially report the incident to your employer. They may already know what happened or at least that an incident occurred, but you want to officially report it so that they know you were hurt on the job, when and where it happened, and what that incident was like. 

So, how long do you have to get your report in? 

One month is all you have to make your injury report

Technically speaking, you have 30 days to put in your report, which is approximately one month from the date on which you were injured. You do not want to put this off or procrastinate. Don’t wait to see if you feel fine in the future. File your report quickly and get the process started. 

Plus, even though you do have 30 days from a legal standpoint, it is often best to make that report to your boss or supervisor the same day you are injured. That way, there’s little doubt about when the incident occurred — or where.

Document as much as you can about the injury. Remember, if you wait, your employer may try to claim that you got hurt at home or that your injury is minor and you’re exaggerating your claim for the benefits. Filing quickly helps you to prevent these arguments before they even begin. 

Fighting for your rights in a workers’ compensation claim

If you’re in a situation where your employer or their insurer is fighting your workers’ comp claim, you may feel like the system is stacked against you. It’s very important to know how to fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve. It can help to have an experienced law firm on your side as you do so.