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Retail workers should be careful this holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

The holiday season is always busy for retail workers. These individuals have to try to keep up with customer demands, but doing that can’t come at the expense of safety. 

All retail workers should remember that being safe is their top priority. Their employers should ensure that they have a safe place to work in. Understanding some of the more common retail hazards might make it easier for everyone. 

What are the more common hazards retail workers face?

One of the most common retail worker injuries comes from being overworked. Improper lifting and fatigue can cause significant problems. All retail workers should remember that large and bulky items require team lifting techniques. Trying to bypass that guideline can lead to injuries. 

Wet floors, cluttered pathways and overstocked upper shelving are also hazards. Falls and falling objects can lead to injuries, including those involving the brain. Machinery, such as pallet jacks can also be problematic, especially if the operators haven’t been properly trained. 

Tensions are sometimes high in the retail industry during the holiday season. Violence in the workplace, including mob-like actions of shoppers trying to get good deals, is also an issue for retail workers. Employers must prioritize crowd control for days when they have special sales and throughout the holiday season.

All retail workers deserve a safe workplace. If you’re injured while doing your job duties, workers’ compensation should cover your medical bills and provide you with any other benefits you’re due. Some injured workers have to fight for the compensation they’re due so be sure you have someone on your side to help you fight.