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Why you shouldn’t go to the doctor your employer refers you to

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When you are injured at work, you should get medical help to determine the extent of your injuries and prevent the condition from worsening. According to Texas laws, your employer should provide you with a list of doctors from which you can select one. And unless stated otherwise by Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, you can choose a doctor outside the given network, 

Nonetheless, even when picking a doctor from the list, you can make independent decisions. You don’t need to choose the one your employer refers you to.

Here is why you should not do this:

They may protect your employer 

Most doctors are ethical and will put the patient’s needs first. But some may fail to observe this duty. Since the recommended doctor may have worked with your employer or the insurance company for years, they may be tempted to protect them.

Therefore, you should get adequate information about the doctors on the list and choose one you believe will meet your needs. You don’t need to pick a doctor the employer refers you to.

You may not be familiar with their services

Another tip to use when finding a doctor from a pre-approved list is to choose one that has worked with someone you know. For instance, if a colleague was injured some time back and had a good experience with their doctor, it may help to pick that one. This can help you avoid unfair incidents. 

Not understanding your rights under the Texas workers’ compensation program may make you believe you should go with the doctor your employer recommends. But this is not the case. You should get legal guidance to make the right choice.