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Does workers’ compensation cover permanent injuries in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

If you have been injured at work in Texas and suffered a permanent disability, you may be entitled to lifetime injury benefits (LIBs). These workers’ compensation benefits provide 75% of your average weekly wage for life, with a 3% annual increase. A successful claim can help you cover your medical expenses, lost income and living costs.

But how do you know if you qualify for LIBs? And what can you do if your claim for these benefits fails? You can find answers to some of your questions below.

Who is eligible?

Lifetime injury benefits may be available to employees who suffer specific severe and permanent injuries in the workplace. These injuries include:

  • Losing the use of one or both hands or feet
  • Losing sight in both eyes
  • Suffering a spinal cord injury that causes complete and permanent paralysis of one or more appendages (arms and legs)
  • Suffering a traumatic brain injury that results in incapacitating neurocognitive disorders
  • Suffering third-degree burns over an extensive part of the body
  • Suffering third-degree burns over one or both hands and the face

If you have any of these injuries, you may be eligible for LIBs. However, you must prove you suffered the injury while performing your work duties.

What should you do if your claim fails?

You have the right to appeal if the insurance carrier denies your request for LIBs. As you might expect, this is a complicated process that involves documentation, evidence-gathering and possible meetings with the insurance carrier. Legal guidance can help you meet the eligibility requirements for your LIB claim and ensure you make no filing errors.