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Collision between bus and semi produces catastrophic results

One might think of a car traveling down the road in San Antonio as a complex system of components that all need to work in concert in order to both function properly and keep its occupants safe. If that is the case with a car, one might imagine how much more complex the proper operation of a semi-truck or tractor-trailer must be. A failure of any of the components needed to for such a vehicle to function can often produce catastrophic results and create a nightmarish scenario for other drivers on the road. 

What steps should I take after a car accident?

Even the safest San Antonio motorists may find themselves involved in a car accident at some point during their driving history. In this case, knowing what steps to take immediately after an accident occurs is crucial. Not only will it preserve the safety of yourself and others, taking the right steps will also help should you decide to file an accident claim down the line. State Farm recommends the following advice if you’re involved in an auto accident.

Woman killed in parking lot accident at El Paso school

More often than not, the car accidents that occur in San Antonio may be just that: accidents. There may be no malice or ill-will involved on the part of those who cause them, and certainly no intent to harm others. Yet the outcomes of such incidents are often the same despite the intentions of the responsible parties. Accident victims may be left with extensive damage to their vehicles or properties, significant injuries to themselves and/or their passenger, or even having to deal with the tragic loss of a loved one. 

Analyzing backover accidents

Should one mention the term "car accident," most in San Antonio will likely immediately begin to conjure up images of collisions occurring between vehicles traveling at high speeds on a roadway. Yet car accidents need not involve high speeds to produce devastating results, and some may actually occur off the roads. While most might have difficult conceptualizing it, car accident injuries and fatalities can easily occur in driveways or parking lots when drivers inadvertently back their vehicles over pedestrians.

Does your company have to carry workers' compensation coverage?

One of the main benefits that people derive from their jobs in San Antonio is the security that their employers provide. Part of that security is knowing (or at least assuming) that if you were to be injured on the job, workers' compensation coverage would help pay for your expenses. Imagine, then, how unsecure you might feel if you were told by your boss that your company did not offer such coverage. 

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